Project Description

WPS waterproof weighing scale

WPS waterproof weighing scale introduction

WPS waterproof weighing scale is adopted with high precision 24-bit A/D chip and waterproof load cell. It works in good performance of accurate weighing, stable reading and reliable quality, suitable for working in the heavy wet or moisture places. It also has the function of speed change. It can be used in the normal weighing and also production line for packing.


WPS waterproof weighing scale Main specification

Capacity: 3kgx0.2g, 6kgx0.5g, 15kgx1g and 30kgx2g
Accuracy Class: Class III
Function Keys: Zero/Tare/Calibration(Unit)/Speed (4 keys version)
Power:AC110V/AC220V + DC 6V/5Ah (rechargeable battery)
Working Temperature:-10℃-+40℃
WPS waterproof weighing scale Operation
The scale should be placed in the floor or a place that is stable and flat and can be adjusted to the horizontal
position by adjusting four feet at the bottom of the scale.
Turn On/Off
Press [Power] key, it will display [SFE-xx] and the last two numbers represent the capacity of the scales, it will zero after self-checking. Press [Power] again to switch off it.
The scale with zero range ≤4%FS, if it’s not in zero, please press [ZERO] key to zero the scale, it’s not effective when the tare operation done.
The scale with Tare range ≤100%FS, after the container put on the pan and the weight stable, press [TARE] key to tare and the tare lamp will be on, press [TARE] again to remove the tare weight and the lamp will off.
It’s not function if the display weight is negative
LED Brightness
Press [Function] key to adjust the brightness.
Power saving function
The scale will automatically enter into the energy saving status after some seconds when the weight window displays [   0.0] and no operation. It will automatically resume to work when there is the weighing operation (something put on the pan or press some keys).
Speed change
Press and hold [Function] + [ZERO] key for three seconds and after the instrument indicates “—–X”,the speed can be changed as follows:
Units change
Press and hold [Function] key for three seconds to change the units: Kg/g/lb/oz.
Automatic Power Off
The scale will power off automatically when [LoBAt] displays for 10 seconds, when the voltage is too low, it will display the same info every 1 minute and power off after 8 times.