Project Description

100kg 300kg 500kg 800kg platform scale single point load cell

100kg 300kg 500kg 800kg platform scale single point load cell LAD-A design with humidity resistant protective coating,high accuracy and OIML R60 approved.


100kg 300kg 500kg 800kg platform scale single point load cell Features

◆Aluminum alloy material
◆Mainly used for platform scales, price computing scales,packing machinery etc.
◆4-wire shielded cable connection
◆Max platform size:800x800mm
◆Capacity: 60,100,200,300,500,600,800,1000(kg)
◆Dimension: 174*60*64mm
◆Accuracy:0.02%R.O.  Option:OIML C3 and 0.015%R.O.

Applications of scales:

Bench Scales
Platform Scales
Price Computing Scales
Counting Scales
Weighing Scales

100kg 300kg 500kg 800kg platform scale single point load cell
 Technical specification

Rated Capacity60,100,200,300,500,600,800,1000 (kg)Excitation,Recommended5-12VDC
Accuracy ClassG *Excitation,Maximum18VDC
Rated Output2.0±5%mV/VOperating Temp.Range-20-+60℃
Zero Balance±5%R.O.Safe Overload150%R.C.
Input Resistance405±10OΩUltimate Overload200%R.C.
Output Resistance350±3OΩ Insulation Resistance≥5000MO(50VDC)
Linearlty Error±0.015%R.O.Cable,Lengthø5mm×2m
Repeatability Error±0.01%R.O.Protection ClassIP65
Hysteresis Error±0.01%R.O.
Creep in 30 Min.±0.02%R.O.
Temp.Effect on Output±0.02%R.O./10℃
Temp.Effect on Zero±0.02%R.O./10℃
Compensated Temp.Range-10-+40℃


Wire connecting: