If the weighbridge  site is easily damaged by lightning, then lightning protection treatment is required

Option 1. Key protection Load cell

The simplest and most effective

Connect a wire to ground on the weighbridge body (The effect of multi-point grounding is better), and the grounding resistance is controlled below 1 Ω. If there is no measuring tool, piling is about 1.5 meters, this method can effectively protect the load cell and junction box under weighbridge platform .

Option two, key protection weighing indicator

For weighing indicator used in the field, due to overhead wires, the power supply end of the indicator is easily damaged by lightning strikes. At this time, it is necessary to protect the power supply end of the indicator. LeiKe-AC lightning protection power supply box can be used like below picture.

Option 3: Focus on protecting the cable from junction boxes to indicator

If the weighbridge platform is far away from the scale room, some may be about 100-200 meters away. In this case, the load cell bus is easily struck by induction lightning, and lightning protection for the bus is required. Measures , lightning protection bus box can be used, model: LeiKe-485

Option 4. All-round protection

If lightning strikes are very frequent, load cell, junction boxes, the cable from indicator to junction boxes, and indicator all need lightning protection, so all-round lightning protection is required,

that it can use option 1 to option 3  at the same time,

Weighing platform grounding —— protection load cell

Lightning protection junction box —— protection cable(protection load cell and indicator)

Lightning protection power supply — protection indicator