Why i need build civil work foundation before install weighbridge?

The civil work foundation should be prepared before install weighbridge.
The foundation of the weighbridge is built to reinforce the ground to prevent the ground from sinking due to the long-term heavy truck weighing.Please read this attention before start building foundation,Newstar scale weighbridge foundation building attention

weighbridge foundation

2 install type install for weighbridge

Pitless above ground type and Pit in ground ground type
The end-user can choose which type to install according to the actual size of the site and to meet rain drainage requirements and convenient for vehicle weighing demand.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 2 installation type Comparison as below:

Pitless above ground type
1. Easy to clean up waste and no rain water accumulation
2. Good ventilation, low humidity, no need to think about drainage, relatively easy to use weighing
3. Easy maintenance
4. Relatively low cost of foundation
5. Relatively large footprint

Pitless weighbridge

Pitless above ground weghbridge 18mx3m installation cases

Pit in ground ground type
1.Waste is not easy to clean and rain water may accumulate.
2. Poor ventilation, high humidity
3. Relatively inconvenient to maintain
4. The cost of the foundation is relatively high.
5. If Poor water drainage may causes inconvenience for future maintain

Pit weighbridge

Pit in ground type weghbridge 12mx3m installation cases

As per our experience,
If your company have large ground space
we advice to install pitless above ground type,
because this type will be more easy drain off water while heavy rain and rather lower build cost.
If your company have narrow space,
It can consider set in ground to save space,
Because it’s not need build both sides concrete ramps,but you should pay attention to making a good water drainage system.

Pitless weighbridge installation is recommended for the following applications.
For the measurement of easily spilled solids and dripping liquids (Such as stone yards, sand cities, coal yards, etc.)
For applications with weighing many truck per days(Measure more than 100truck per day)
(Such as reclamation projects, public weighbridges, ports, etc.)

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