At present, there are mainly two kinds of load cells used on 30t-150ton weighbridge:
Compression type load cells and ball type load cells,
Features of these 2 types load cells as below
1.Compression Load Cell (

Compression load cell


1.1)Compact structure, strong overload capacity.
1.2)High natural frequency, fast dynamic response.
1.3)Convenient installation, high precision.


1.4)Required make good protect limit in foundation to avoid weighbridge fall down.
1.5)Highly required on installation.
1.6)More expensive cost


2.Ball typeLoad Cell(


2.1)Insensitive to changes in loading point.
2.2)Good anti-eccentric load performance.
2.3)Good inherent linearity, easy installation.
2.4)Fixed and non-rotating load cell.
2.5)Low manufacturing cost.


2.6)High center of gravity.
2.7)Less overload capacity.
2.8)Less high accuracy compare compress type


Ball type load cell  anti-eccentric load performance is relatively good,
But it will also affect a certain measurement performance while load cell displacement is large,
Now as consider influence factors of ball type load cell thermal expansion and contraction,
we design 2 install type for ball type load cell:

3.1)Upper pressure head design with ball type

3.2)Upper pressure head design with plain type

This design a plane shape according to the highest point of the spherical surface for end load cells , no matter how weighbridge platform changes during thermal expansion and contraction,it can ensure that force on the weighbridge always acts vertically on load cell.


In conclusion,
If high accuracy is required, the use of column compression load cell sensors can be considered,
If not require in high accuracy weighing level, the regular ball type load cell sensor sensors can be considered and choose as well.